Make Money Online Website Flipping

Make Money Online: Website Flipping

Website flipping or also called a Virtual Real Estate is very popular today in the world of internet to make money online. It is a strategy where you buy a website to develop more and then have a plan of selling it later. So if you bought a website with the price of $200, then you try to develop that website with promotion and added more traffic and revenue, then in a short period of time, the website now is developed and earning more than $250 then you can sell it times 6, times 12 or even times 24.

You can also make a website to flip and develop and sell it later. Actually, I made a successful website flipping last week. I sold my niche site that is earning more than $60/month on Google Adsense and affiliate program. I sold it times 4 the monthly income. And you know what, I only took 2 hours per day on the website I flipped and promote for only 3 months. And now it has a stable more than $60/month earning.

So, I tell it that it is successful because I sold that site in with 3 days. This is my stepping stone on website flipping. I am still brainstorming right now and making another website to flip again to make money online.

Here is the step if you want to learn how to flip a website:

Select your niche

First, select your topic or niche. I recommend entertainment niche.(anime, watch movies online, watch tv series online, anime wallpaper, wallpaper, etc.)

Register a domain

After you select your niche, it’s now time to select a domain name. When selecting a domain name, make sure that it is easy to remember. Avoid slash “-” at the domain name and try to limit your domain character into 8 character

Promoting your website

In order to make money on your website, you must learn to promote it to invite traffic. There are many ways to promote your website like advertising at PPC program (Google AdWords) etc. But I recommend promoting your website in SEO or Search Engine Optimization so you can gain free traffic from search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Monetize your website

Now, you picked your niche and have a domain, it is now time to monetize your website. If you ask what is the best program to monetize your website, I recommend to monetize your website with Google Adsense and also affiliate programs.

Selling your website

It is now time to your website flip it and make money. Supposed your website is now earning $100 monthly with Google Adsense and affiliate, you can now sell it

$100 x 6 months earning =  $600

$100 x 12 months earning =  $1,200

If you want to sell it fast then you can reduce the BIN (Buy it now) price into $100 x 4 months or 5 months earning.

Website flipping is another way to make money online. My goal, for now, is to flip more website with different niche, I am now in process of picking and developing different niche websites to flip it later.

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